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SINGANI                             IN WASHINGTON DC

Ace Beverage of Washington DC is the first place we know of where Singani formally went on sale in the United States. Another great place to get Singani is at Cleveland Park Liquor & fine Wines. If you live in this area, this is the place to go.


Introducing Singani

Singani is an 80-proof spirit made for over four centuries in the miles high Tarixa valley of South America. 

It is not a brand, and not a type of something else, it is... Singani. 

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Los Parralles

Why choose Los Parrales?

  1. Well of course, the number 1 reason is, it's Singani!
  2. Family owned for generations (not anonymous investors)
  3. Loving care batch by batch (no industrial processes here)
  4. The family name is on each bottle
  5. Large number of international awards (no others do)
  6. It's the chosen brand of people who know Singani
  7. And yes, you can buy it today


The world's trendiest restaurant serves the world's best cocktails


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World's Best Spirit

Why? Consistent top international awards, a deep heritage, one of a kind, authentic and real, and the finest crafting on earth. Singani Los Parrales is continually recognized as best.

Singani, the newest-oldest spirit you've never heard of, Singani has been distilled for delighted people since the 1500's yet has never been exported from its homeland until now. 

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singani los parrales joins cuisine novo boliviano

San Antonio Texas.  Bolivian master Chef Eric Calderon becomes the first chef from Bolivia to present cuisine Novo Boliviano in the United States under the invitation of the Culinary Institute of America.  Of course, Singani is served.  Pictures and menu of the event.


Join the Experience

Singani has many friends, and friends are what Singani is all about. 

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Be prepared for a great experience!  We're looking forward to having you with us.

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