A note on Accessing this Site

The Challenge Query when accessing Singani USA is for you to declare that you are 21 years of age or older, or leave this site.

Internet browsers are not created equal, and may display different behavior depending on the manufacturer or version.

Regardless of whether you respond to the challenge or not, you must be 21 or older to access and use this site, and by so doing, you represent that you are of such age.


Logging in and out

  • Create a Member account from the FRIENDS / Register page. 
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Remember me

This will keep you logged in even when the browser is closed as long as you don't log out.  It works on a computer by computer basis.  Therefore,

  • only do this on a computer that belongs to you and is under your control
  • do not do this on a computer that is not under your control, such as a computer that doesn't belong to you
  • if necessary, clear the cookies, cache, and active logins from the foreign computer's browser

Note that if you are using multiple windows in a single open browser you will remain logged in from window to window

Log out

This will explicitly log you out.  To see the Membership area of the website you will need to log in again.  Closing the browser will also log you out unless you have selected Remember me.  To discontinue Remember me, explicitly log out from the FRIENDS / Log out menu.

Forgot Password

You will be prompted for your account email address.  A web link will be sent to that address.  At this link you will be prompted to set a new password.  You can use this technique to reset your password at any time.


Please see Terms of Use regarding the use of accounts and passwords.