Simple syrup


Some of the mixes below are non-traditional in the sense that they have been created in more recent decades.  Others are experimental in that they have popped up here and there but are not widespread.

We are going to try to categorize all Singani mixes as either easy, medium, or difficult.  The simple shoofly is easy, of course.  Many of the drinks below are of medium difficulty.  Some that end up on this website are going to be clearly difficult.

We like easy, but sometimes it's fun to try something a bit more creative.

Singani mule

This mule will kick so you have to watch out for him.

  • 1 part Singani
  • 1 ½ parts quality ginger brew (see here for suggestions)
  • ¼ part juice squeezed from lime
  • garnish optional with mint and lime
  • if the ingredients are pre-chilled, no need for ice

High sky

In a martini glass

  • 1 part Singani
  • 1 part blue curaçao

Singani stinger

Layer in a columnar shot glass

  • one part Fernet
  • one part Singani
  • one part creme de menthe


Very interesting.  In fact, it is so good we think other liquors will copy it.

  • 1 part Singani
  • 2 parts ginseng beverage
    • Main Root Ginseng
    • Natural Brew Ginseng
    • Ginseng Up
  • "with a shot" - add dash of ginseng extract

Singani iced tea

Mix, pour over ice cubes in tall glass, garnish with chamomile as shown

  • 1 part Singani
  • ¼ part Pernod
  • 4 parts cooled chamomile-anise tea  (or use green)
  • 2 t simple syrup

Singani hammock

This is the other fun thing you can do in a hammock.

  • three parts Singani
  • two parts papaya juice
  • two parts pineapple juice
  • two parts maracuyá passion juice

Pour over ice in tall glass; garnish with slice papaya and slice pineapple; best if juice is freshly made; if from can or bottle, it will be too sweet and not tart enough.

Singani quinoa cocktail

Unusual but good.

  • 16 oz Singani
  • ½ cup almonds
  • 1 cup cooked quinoa
  • ¼ t ground cloves
  • ¼ t ground cinnamon
  • 1 cup crushed ice
  • ½ cup sugar
  • fresh peppermint leaves

Make a paste from the almonds; cook the quinoa as directed, strain; make a paste from 1 cup of the quinoa; put Singani, nut paste, quinoa paste, sugar, spices, and ice in blender; liquefy until sugar is dissolved; pour in small brandy glasses and garnish with mint leaves.

Singani sidecar

Excellent variation of well known cocktail.

  • 2 parts Singani
  • 1 part Cointreau
  • 1 part fresh orange juice
  • ½ part fresh lemon juice
  • ½ part simple syrup

All ingredients in shaker, add clean cracked ice, shake vigorously briefly, strain into stemmed cocktail glass.

Sinful Passion

Cocktails made exclusively with Singani frequently start with this word.

  • 1 part Singani
  • 2 parts passionfruit juice
  • ice

Shake briefly, pour into glass, add a splash of seltzer and small dash sweet cream, garnish.






More to come