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Photos on the Home page banner:

  • Man tending vineyard
  • Red grape leaf
  • Vineyard in sunset

Photos on the Singani History and More History pages:

  • Banner of villa
  • all photos

Information on the history of Singani

Reproduced from "Wines of Bolivia from the highest vineyards in the world", copyright FUNDACION FAUTAPO EDUCACION PARA EL DESARROLLO - Programa de Fortalecimiento al Complejo de Uva, Vino y Singani.

Information on the making of Singani

From the book "Elaboración de Singani, 1ra Edición" copyright FUNDACION FAUTAPO EDUCACION PARA EL DESAROLLO - Programa de Fortalecimiento al Complejo de Uva, Vino y Singani.

Courtesy Timothy K. Hamilton

  • Photo on this page
  • Be High page banner

Courtesy Molina family

  • banner on the Los Parrales! page
  • photo of the Kuhlmann's on Los Parrales! page
  • photo of Franz Kuhlmann on Just Special page

History of the Shoofly

Is adapted from a posting by Ramon Rocha Monroy in Trancapechoboliviano, 2006, who quotes Nicolas Fernandez Naranjo author of the book "El Diccionario de Bolivianismos" on the origin of the word "chuflay".

A Singani Story

Adapted from "The aroma of Singani seduces the world", by Ramon Freixa, appearing in Catabuenvino 11:28, 2009.

Video Feeling High

Uploaded by CORRBU, a composite of photos taken in the Bolivian Andes.  Music Paul Oakenfold composition derived from Carlos Vives' "Como Tu".

Photo content Just Special banner

Many of the images on the Just Special page banner are derived from a video production by Llajtaymanta, directed by Ángel Aranibar.

Photo of grilled grapes

from blog.cognac-expert.com

Photo content Choro Trail

  • Steve Wiley - woman in sack
  • Heather Poyhonen - cross on trail
  • Rob Cairns - footbridge with loose planks
  • maaikevandenbos - llamas on trail

Photos alcoholic ginger beers

from SummerFruitCup WordPress blog


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