High Altitude Ski Resort

Chacaltaya ("cold road") is the world's highest ski resort, not the highest place where people have ever skied, but the highest resort.  The head of the run at Chacaltaya is at 5,421 meters (17,785 ft) and overlooks the plain below which itself is at 13,000 feet.  The lodge is at 5,395 meters (17,700 ft).  Although the glacier that supports the resort has diminished due to global warming, the resort is still used for skiing in the winter when there is snow, and as an acclimation waystation for lowlanders who wish to mountaineer in the Andes.

The resort has both a lodge and a rope tow.  The tow is way too fast to be usable, thus most people hike to the top, difficult to do given the general lack of oxygen.  The lodge is a good place to have a traditional hot Singani drink [example] and gaze out at the sheer drop of 4,000 feet.

Nice view, long way down
Top of the world, Singani available
On the way up