Be High

Bolivia is the second highest country in the world after Nepal.  For Bolivia one thing stands out.  Here exist the world's highest vineyards in continous production.  If you want to fly high with wine or spirits, this is where you come.

Producing a world-class spirit from fields growing from 5,250 to over 9,000 feet in not an easy thing to achieve.  Many growing things don't like being that high, and it takes special types adapted to the altitude to thrive there.  Special and high, like for a high spirit, Singani.

Special, high spirited people are also drawn to Singani.  People who enjoy life, who want the best, and aren't satisfied with living at low levels of spirit, of fulfillment, of heart.  These are people who like being closer to the stars, so vivid in the high mountain sky you can almost touch them.  Some say that Singani is bottled starlight, or perhaps it just looks that way.

Let Singani transport you.  Always high spirits   Here are some things where you can be high.

World's highest sea

Lake Titicaca is the highest body of water in the world that is also large enough to have a navy and on which large boats move goods around.  The name may mean "gray puma" (which in this area are gray) the puma being the messenger of the middle-earth gods in the pre-Inca Tihuanaco culture.  The water is slightly saline (sea) and awfully high up, which means liquid water is capable of being colder than ice.  Given the clear mountain air, the sun shines unfiltered, and the lake can be hard to look at with all the strong reflections coming off each little wave, like mountain snow on a sunny day.  It can also be deathly quiet, being one of the few such places on earth without much recreational boating to speak of.  It is also where you can see (on the Bolivian side) a long range of high snow capped peaks reflected in this huge lake.  We think Lake Titicaca easily passes the "high" test.