Why Singani is just for you

Just for you

Singani is the same things you are. 

  • High spirits, you want to live life to the fullest. 
  • Quality, you won't settle for second rate or second best. 
  • Altitude attitude, you are ready to go where others hesitate.
  • Authentic, you keep it real and respect others that do.
  • Respected, when you ask for Singani you are calling for a spirit that has achieved the world's highest awards, not once, but every year. 
  • Smarts, it takes intense craft to make Singani, and you are someone who appreciates that.

When choosing Singani you can be secure in that you are asking for an outstanding spirit that is in the top 0.001 of adult drinks worldwide.  Singani is without reproach to those who know what it is.  When Singani is in front of you, not only do you have the world's greatest spirit, but also the world's greatest opportunity to let your friends in on what the excitement is all about.  Please enjoy.


Singani is growing

Singani has many fans throughout the world, yet there is no place in the US, outside of a few private homes, where people can come together to enjoy Singani in the company of friends.

Change will occur.  There will be fans in the United States who want to see Singani available in the area where they live.  The USA is an adventurous and welcoming country, and being welcomed to this country, Singani will soon be in more and more places.

Singani USA is now making it happen in the Washington DC area.  Soon, as we hear from you, it will happen where you live.

We are looking for people who would like to engage with us as friends.  You will have a special membership on this site, and we will let you know about special activities and events in the Washington DC area, and eventually, in your local area as well.

At this point, we would especially like to hear from people living in the Washington DC, northern Virginia, Baltimore corridor.  The reason is that many of the things going on will require your presence here.  Also, this is where Singani will be first available.

Please see what we have to say, then if it sounds like fun, go to the Friends/Register page and set up an account with us.  Welcome!

Here is something we want you to hear

Imagine the time when tequila was unknown in this country. 

It did not exist, no one had heard of it, no one had the slighest idea of what it was, and certainly no one had ever tried it.

So what if you heard about it.  And you were one of the first.  You had the chance to get your friends to try it for the first time, and then tell them all about this strange new drink.

Maybe teach them to pronounce it. Give them their first margarita ever. Teach them that lime and salt trick.  How would it feel to have set in motion that wave of popularity which then swept over the country?

Imagine again, who were the first trendy people to have vodka parties? So common now, but quite unknown then.  The year was 1934 and America was just emerging from Prohibition.  How daring and exciting it was to give your friends something totally new!   To all those party people who were so locked into their bourbon and gin ways.  Who would not want to be the trendsetter of their age?

Everything in this country is so known already.  All you see are boring new brands of the same old thing.  Or tired, old products with new artificial flavors added.

In the span of several lifetimes, how often does something really new come along?  We're not talking about cypress-chip vodka or cherry flavored rum.  But an entirely new category of spirit made in its own authentic way and having its own unique name.  A spirit that has been around for almost 500 years, just not known in the United States.  In the span of a single lifetime, how many chances are you going to have to be the first with something that new and that important?

Singani is at that point in time, and history is yours to make.  Step into the excitement, there won't be another time.  Not like this.

We welcome you.