Friends of Singani

Ace Beverage and Fine Spirits


Ace Beverage and Fine Spirits lives up to its name.  The store is not overly large, and takes the position that if they can't carry everything in their space, they will carry the finest of the fine, hence the name.  Ace is near American University but also not far from Embassy Row, thus getting students looking to party but also the random limo looking for curb service.  They also famously support the formal Washington party scene; if you are ever at a major DC fête, odds are the beverages came from Ace.

Store manager Joe Riley (pictured next to the Singani) is so well known as the mid-Atlantic area's expert on fine spirits he has become somewhat of a celebrity to many people.  He seems to know everything and everyone, and is a key advisor to writers and bartenders far beyond Washington DC.  It is said that if Joe doesn't have some exotic liquor you are looking for, he will try to find it for you.  If quality is your thing, you will want to stop off at Ace sometime and talk to Joe.

Ace will go down in history as the first place to carry Singani in the USA formally entered and carrying the Singani Domain of Origin.



Schneider's of Capitol Hill


Schneider's of Capitol Hill in Washington DC is known for one of the finest wine collections in the mid-Atlantic area.  They also carry a refined collection of liquors.  This is the place where people who live or work in the Capitol Hill area go.

We are pleased that they have chosen to become the second location worldwide to carry Singani for sale.  They also have an on-line catalog so that folks who live far from the Washington DC area can mail-order what they need.

People looking for Singani should be aware that when Schneider's runs out, the product will be temporarily removed from the catalog.  If that ever happens, please let us know by email so we can correct it as soon as possible.






Cleveland Park Fine Wines & Liquor



Cleveland Park Fine wine and Liquor Store in Washington DC has great selection of wine and spirits including some hard to find stuff. This place is friendly and holding many tastings events. Here can buy high quolity wine and spirits for your parties and events. 

We are pleased that they are chosen become another location worldwide to carry Singani Los Parrales for sale.








First Day Gotta-Have-Singani friends

On April 20, 2013 Ace Beverage and Fine Spirits opened their doors with Singani on the shelves.  Folks who couldn't wait crowded in to be the first Americans to buy Singani in the United States.  We think they should be recognized.  In a way, it's an historic moment.  Here are the first three.


Third to walk in

Robert and friend

Robert impressed us in that he has apparently read every webpage on the Singani USA site.  He now knows more about Singani than 99% of the people in America.  Robert and his friend say they like exceptional spirits, that is, liquors that have a pronounced, refined and an agreeable, natural taste.  The selection of fine spirits at Ace is outstanding, the selection of Singani is unique.  Happy tasting, Robert and friend!








Second to walk in

Joe and Tatiana

Tatiana always wants to try to new things.  Joe is a confirmed scotch man.  Somehow they decided to stop in and buy Singani.  Of course, Joe wanted to know if Singani can be drunk neat like his favorite drink, and of course, it can.  Tatiana wanted to know the best way to mix it, which we proceeded to explain while Joe engaged store manager Joe Riley in an extended discussion of the fine scotch collection at Ace Beverage.  Tatiana and Joe drove all the way from another State to visit the only store that carries Singani right now.  They can now return home and have a "wee dram" of aromatic Singani as a change of pace from aromatic scotch.  Welcome to the Singani club guys, hope to see you again soon.






(and the winner is...)

First to walk in

Maria and Maria

Maria (right) was very excited about being one of the first persons to show up when Singani went on sale Saturday.  She and mom Maria (left) must have gotten up early as they came from out of state.  They remember having Singani readily available years ago but have been missing it badly since arriving in the US.  Maria nervously asked store manager Joe Riley if there was a limit on how much they could buy.  Joe reassured them it would be in  stock so not to worry.  The excitement was high as they took their first two bottles.  "Las dos Marias" as they say they are known, are not only the first Singani customers of Ace Beverage and of Singani USA, but are the first recorded retail customers of Singani in the US period.  We are happy to recognize them, and to record their names for posterity and into history.  Ace Beverage and Las Dos Marias, here is where it started.





Cleveland Park Wine and Liquor Store

                   Tasting Event


Victoria is in the spirit business and she is enjoying the taste of Singani Los Parrales.










Clay is one of the first people in the USA to try a Singani cocktail, pictured here at Cafe Citron, Washington DC. We think that deserves a mention..












more friends to come!