Why Singani is just best


Truly, nothing compares, Singani is a unique product made to uniquely high standards.

It is not widely distributed, and is not mass-produced, Singani remains a hand-crafted treasure.

Singani is a true spirit, a true rarity.

Please enjoy this site to discover why.





Why the best

Because there are four ways to create an alcohol. Distill it until it's bland and safe like most white liquors.  Age it until the rawness is gone like most brown liquors.  Concoct a recipe of flavors and colors like most other liquors.  Create a true spirit by carefully isolating the inner essence, hard to do and rarely done.  Singani... hard to do and rarely done.


Also please know that

"Singani country is wine country"

Singani and wine grew up together [see history], on the same land, and the care and attention originally devoted to wine carried over to Singani, which has since the beginning enjoyed the high standards and attention to detail that have always characterized fine wine making.



Singani country is wine country, thus to visit Tarixa is to be immersed in great wines, local cheeses and breads, and of course, the exceptional Singani.  You are also standing on land at least a mile high, and if you are adventurous, there are vineyards higher still.

The making of Singani passes through characteristic phases

  • Harvest and crushing
  • Vinification
  • Holding the wine
  • Distillation
  • Holding the distillate
  • Proofing
  • Bottling and labeling

The details of these steps are described and codified, thus all Singani makers need to follow them.

Unlike other spirits (and some wines), Singani is made from only one variety of pedigreed grape.  This variety is among the most aromatic known, thus its character is strong and flavorful. 

Because of this, the goal of Singani making is to extract and preserve that aromatic character, not alter it.  This means that aging in wooden barrels is not done. 

Aging converts what was there originally into something different.  If you start with something narrow and one-dimensional, aging imparts necessary complexity and sweetness. But if you start with something that was outstandingly good to begin with, aging in wood will destroy it.

This is the key difference between Singani and brandies.  One extracts the original essence or "spirit" of the fruit, whereas the other imparts the profile of wood interacting with alcohol that only aging can provide.

Those who make it and many of those who drink it call Singani "orgullo Boliviano" - pride of Bolivia, and speak of it as Walisuma* - the best of the best.   We hope that this website will help you understand why.






* a native word