Brussels International Wine and Spirits competition.  2010.  A Singani, Los Parrales, wins Great Gold.  Over 6,000 entries, 300 silver medals awarded, 100 gold medals, and only 7 Great Gold.  Singani Los Parrales, in the  top 0.001 internationally.    At this level, the air is so thin it takes your breath away.   But we knew that.

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What is Los Parrales?

Los Parrales Singani is one of the world's finest spirits, winner of 6 international Gold Medals during six years including a Great Gold medal at the prestigious Brussels International Wine and Spirits competition in 2010.  No spirit in its class comes remotely close to this accomplishment, and it's fair to say that few spirits of any kind have matched Los Parrales in awards.

"Common sense says that multiple gold honors are no fluke, you can put your trust in spirits that triumph."  Beverage Journal, March 2011.

Los Parrales is made by the Kuhlmann Company in Tarija, Bolivia.  Kuhlmann is a family owned and operated business that has for generations specialized in making the best Singani, and only Singani.  The family tradition and the single-minded dedication to the craft has made Kuhlmann's Los Parrales one of the world's top spirits.

Franz Kuhlmann, founder of Kuhlmann & Cia Ltda, and wife Dora Kuhlmann. Today, the firm is owned and operated by their descendants the Molina family.