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When will Singani be available in my area? 

We are rolling things out as fast as we can, American liquor law is rightfully designed to slow things down not speed them up, so it's going to help if you and enough other people want it in your area; see the FRIENDS page for more info, and please Register with us if you want to help move things along!

What about other brands of Singani?

Singani Los Parrales from the Kuhlmann vineyards and distillery is simply the best; nothing else comes close; seven international gold medals and counting including one grand gold; we are the exclusive distributors for Kuhlmann in the USA.

Can I get Singani over the Internet?

Federal and State governments frown on this, and there are serious issues at the edges of the law; you might have some luck with wines, but it is rare for spirits; we would rather see a reason to enter your State for real, which means enough people wanting it.  Let us know.

Is Singani brandy?

No way.  That's a common mistake.  Brandy is a brown spirit, Singani is a white spirit having more in common with eau-de-vie than anything else.  See this description.

Why does is say "brandy" on the Singani label?

The US government requires that all spirits sold in the US be labeled on the front with a category from a limited list of categories; Singani is not a brandy, but as there is no exact category for it, it gets put into the next nearest place.

Singani costs more than I'm used to

Simple liquor can be made cheaply, and standard liquor can be made cheaply; Singani is not that simple actually, and it is made to the very highest standards; Singani is made to similar standards as cognac and eau-de-vie and generally is available in that range; its rare DOC/GI designation also makes it relatively exclusive compared to most things.

It says "the spirit of altitude" on the label, what is that?*

By law, Singani must be made high up in the Andes mountains; mountain grown, best terroir, best spirit; see more at SINGANI / Just Best.

What's the "Certificate of Origin" on the label?

It declares that Singani is in fact a Domain of Origin or DO, no fooling and for real.

What is SENASAG? the label, again

The SENASAG serial number on the bottle is like a food & drug administration certification for the product; it is a standards and quality assurance declaration.

What does "Los Parrales" mean?

A parral is a vineyard or grapevine arbor.

How big is the Singani domain?

Approximately 22% of the size of the Champagne domain of France.

How do most people drink Singani?

A shoofly, or chuflay, is popular, easy and tasty; see more at SINGANI / Mixing.

"Always high spirits " on your banner is not grammatical

It brings together the idea of the spirit being high, the folks drinking it being spirited, and that these are always good things; the period was originally left off by accident; but then no period seems to suggest something that will come after, an open future

The description of the Singani grape sounds like sex

Hmm, well, the description of Singani grapes in Making Singani is lifted directly from the official government handbook on making Singani.  Maybe they know something we don't.

Are Singani vines and grapes really tended by hand?

Yes, and it is pretty labor intensive, a year-round operation; even cognac is gathered by machine; each grape cluster for Singani Los Parrales is carefully selected (not all make it) and groomed by hand with great attention using barber's shears.

That's really funny

Yes, but it's inspiring to watch, and it really impresses with the massive care and attention that go into the creation of this product.