We always get asked, what's your cocktail?

There are three places Singani cocktails come from, they come from tradition, they come from the creativity of bartenders and mixologists, and they come from the inventiveness of people like you who drink it.

Eventually, all three will be represented here.  But we'll start with tradition.  For the last 130 years, the traditional Singani mixed drink has been the shoofly.  This oddly named cocktail is in a simple 19th Century custom, easy to make and fun to drink.

The Shoofly

This is the most basic of directions, it doesn't get much easier than this.  On the sidebar we'll describe variations that make things more complicated.

Very simple Shoofly

  1. in a tall glass
  2. drop in 2-3 ice cubes depending on size
  3. pour in Singani to cover
  4. top off with ginger ale or lemon/lime soda of choice
  5. stir   (or not, if you like surprise endings)

If everything is pre-chilled, you don't need ice.

Here's a very basic variation to spruce things up a bit.

Better looking Shoofly

  1. cut a slice of lemon and a slice of lime
  2. in a tall glass
  3. drop in 2-3 ice cubes depending on size
  4. squeeze some juice from the lemon or lime-half into the glass
  5. pour in Singani to cover the ice
  6. top off with ginger ale or lemon/lime soda of choice
  7. stir
  8. drop the lime slice in the glass, push in
  9. garnish with the lemon slice


On the left there are other ways in which Singani is traditionally mixed.  Eventually we want your creations as well.  Stay with us and we'll let you know.

Is it Shoofly or Chuflay?

Chuflay (choo • fly) is a mispronunciation of shoofly, an english railroad term.  Most people today use the word "chuflay", possibly because the 19th century railroad engineers that coined the original term are long gone.  See History of the Shoofly, sidebar.