Novo Cocina Boliviano

Chef Eric Calderón

     from Bolivia

sponsored by the

Culinary Institute of America (CIA)

assisted by
Students of the Latin Cuisines Certificate Program

Evening menu

pre-dinner cocktail:   chuflay

  • with Singani Los Parrales

hors d'oeuvre:   assorted

  • fire-baked bread, Bolivian grains
  • Bolivia baby heart of palm, Bolivian herbs

appetizer:   P'eske

  • white royal-quinoa domain Bolivia
  • queso fresco farm cheese
  • aji amarillo pâte
  • frothed milk

first course:   Uchu

  • salt lamb charqué cassoulet
  • black chuño
  • aji colorado pâte
  • semilla ultra-miniature potatoes

salad:   Soltero

  • Andes white choclo
  • huacataya black mint
  • locoto, tomato, red onion, quilquiña picado
  • chicha reduction dressing

second course:   Charque-can paceño

  • braised sun-dried tenderloin, beef & llama
  • aji amarillo sauce
  • Bolivian herbs "sarsa"
  • yellow habas
  • quesillo stuffed t'unta
  • poached pintada-fowl eggs

remise en bouche:   Taya de pitu de canahua

  • fragrant Bolivian super-grain sherbet

third course:   Mondongo

  • rendered pork
  • bitter chocolate and aji colorado sauces
  • yellow hominy moté with chicharrón sauce
  • blue fingerling potatoes

dessert:   Pizara with Compota frutas Singani

  • tortilla* of sweet red royal-quinoa domain Bolivia with strawberry coulis topped with fruit compote macerated in Singani

after dinner:   sucumbé

  • cream punch with Singani Los Parrales


*small cake

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Geronimo Lopez-Monascal, Executive Chef, NAO

Elizabeth Johnson, Latin Cuisines Specialist-Chef Instructor, CIA

Robert Rodriguez, General Manager, NAO

Steve Martin, Mixologist, NAO