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Tarija Singani Selected as the Best in the World : Vinalies International

In the recent world contest, in a framework developed by Vinitech Latin America Solutions' Fair for Wine and Spirits and organized by the Congress and Exposition of Bordeaux and other organizations, spirits from Tarija as Singani Los Parrales were awarded gold as the world's best spirit.

Lau Malbec,, August 9, 2011

Singani Los Parrales receives Gold Medal in the category of World's Best Spirit

The International Show Catad d'Or Vinalies 2011 carried out in Chile and organized by the Union des Œnologues de France, Singani Los Parrales from Tarija received a gold medal in the category of the world's best spirit.

The event represented more than 700 vineyards in Latin America who participated with their best wines and spirits.

This year had the participation of most of the jury from the contest carried out in Paris this past February, where Latin American vineyards also stood out gaining gold and silver medals.

 Vinalies Latin America is a branch of the prestigious Les Vinalies International, organized each year by the Union des Œnelogues de France.

Béatrice Da Roz, Directeur Général, indicated that the objective of this event is to project and encourage the production of wines that stand out for their quality.

This prize consolidates the leadership of Singani Los Parrales in the list of best spirits; since 2005 six gold medals have been awarded to Los Parrales in international contests.

"This award definitively positions Singani Los Parrales as the best spirit in the world, under the imprimatur and recognition of experts in their field", said Annelise Molina, a general manager of Los Parrales.

Singani stood out in winning over piscos from Chile that were represented in the contest that year.  For Molina, this winning achievement is the result of hard work, delivery of results, company responsibility, and 80 years of tradition, experience, and quality.

Opinió, July 7, 2012

Most Awarded Singani 

Singani Los Parrales from Kuhlmann Ltda. came out on top again with a Grand Gold medal in an international contest, this time the Concours Mondial of Brussels.

Having received a gold medal in 2005, also at Brussels, and again in 2006 from the judges in the world event "Vinalies International" held in Paris, these achievements continued during 2007 in France and in 2009 in Seville, participating in the Grand Award CINVIE where Singani Los Parrales took gold again.  As if that weren't enough, in 2009 at the VinAndino contest in Mendoza Argentina Los Parrales of course takes home gold.

"Singani Los Parrales has been the first such product of Bolivia to receive international recognition and is the Singani with the most international awards, awakening interest in other countries to acquire this product..." commented Annelise Molina Commercial General Manager of the firm.

Lau Malbec,, July 9, 2010