singani, world's best spirit


No one can just say this, that they're best, it can't just be a made-up slogan.  It has to come from somewhere. Somewhere credible, somewhere reliable.

For Singani, and for Singani Los Parrales in particular, it has come from impeccable sources, major international contests such as the Catad d'Or held regularly under the auspices of the Union des Œnologues de France.

These contests are unpaid, high-value non-commercial events staffed by neutral international organizations, not commercial interests.  The testing is blind.  Jurors do not know what they are tasting, other than that it is either a spirit or a wine.

At these international events, Singani Los Parrales has been consistently identified by judges as a top spirit, and authorized to be called "world's best spirit".

To say Singani Los Parrales is a best spirit is not a marketing fantasy, it is a title derived from the well considered choices of some very smart and knowledgeable people who themselves are not personally involved with the product.

It was blind taste tests by French oenologists that took California's wine industry to international prominence and generated America's love affair with wine.

Singani Los Parrales, world's best spirit. We think you'll want to try it.