Is it Tarixa or Tarija?


Tarija is a political Department of the nation of Bolivia.  In its mountain valleys Singani is made.

The capital city of Tarija is also Tarija.  The place was founded in 1574 as the "Villa de San Bernardo de la Frontera de Tarixa", presumably after Francisco de Tarixa (or Tarifa), a member of Diego de Almagro's troops, a Spanish captain under Francisco Pizarro, conqueror of Peru. Tarifa is today a small town in Cadiz, Andalucia, on the southern coast of Spain, and it's tempting to believe its namesake traveled to the new world with Spanish conquerors.

In any event, Tarixa was the original name for the Bolivian provincial capital, and the spelling has evolved over the centuries to what it is today.

However, in English the older spelling of Spanish words is still used.  English still uses an "x", and it's pronounced that way by English speakers.  For example

Mexico Méjico
Texas Tejas
Xavier Javier
Don Quixote Don Quijote
Tarixa Tarija


Tarixa is consistent with English, so we use it here.  But if you're going to search the web for more information, you'll want to use the word "tarija".