Membership in Singani USA

Benefits of membership
  1. You may be the first to know, or Members may be the only ones to know, about certain events, happenings, activities and other fun things organized by Singani USA
  2. You may have access to information non-members are not exposed to
  3. You may find what you need here to become a trend setter with the Singani wave
  4. You may be the first to know about certain promotions we may provide
  5. We may ask for your opinion on matters relating to Singani in the USA
  6. We may help you become engaged in fun activities relating to Singani in the USA
  7. You may have opportunities to contribute to this website in ways non-members cannot
  8. We may be able to help you with Singani parties that you organize
  9. We may showcase your work on this website or elsewhere as it pertains to Singani USA
  10. We may provide you with the opportunity to be a "Singani USA Founder" in the area where you live
Obligations of membership
  1. Have fun
  2. Enjoy Singani
  3. Have friends
  4. Be nice to folks
  5. Did we mention enjoy Singani?

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