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DJ_CharlyBrown: Well it's officially passed noon so now we can open our dear little bottle of singani #cheers
March 6 at 12:39pm

AustinGB: Singani is now my spirit of choice
January 31 at 6:53pm

Cha_r_ly: Goodby blues, hello bottle of Singani !
January 20 at 8:59pm

pelonchas79: Drinking Singani is like the orgasm of beverages... let's see what comes out in la.roka!
January 20 at 1:15am

laciudadjardin: Singani and cookies
January 1 at 1:24am

Rooney33R: Singani and sushi it's gonna happen
December 11 at 6:31pm

diegobracamontg: Singani, peaches, yogurt...delicious!!!!
December 1 at 3:59pm

Tireparria: Singani ♥
November 30 at 8:43pm

tannia_ale:  Singani time... wuuu hell yeaaahhh!                                                                      Nov 4 at 01:22am

Dani_TM11: iiiiiiit's good or what? I'm already very Johnny Banani Juani Singani
October 28 at 12:26pm

mo_i_6: without singani life will leave you with futile sobrieties
October 5 at 11:37pm

EdwinPerezGarciaPinto:  At this point in life, I believe we can all agree that Singani is the best drink in the world.                                                                                                                       Aug 24 at 11:57am

JaviAnteloo: if life gives you lemons, add Singani to taste...                                                August 22 at 11:11pm

glenlyoncoffee: @hasbean Bolivia! My favourite country in the world. Have a plate of salchipapas washed down with a singani for me.
July 26 at 5:54am

Maze_Booker843: Really missing my Singani right about now!
July 7 at 1:19am

Franzo1d: God's sign that he loves us is SINGANI
May 27 at 5:04am

milkobabalu: Mangosteen check, Dragon fruit check, Longan berry check, Chirimoya check, Cachaça check, Singani check, time to make some libations
May 12 at 1:29pm

LASHRiiMP: I goto my sisters room 1st thing I see these 2 bottles of Singani = she Trynna celebrate Cinco de Mayo!
May 3 at 7:29pm

deni_rivera: Vodka no, Singani si!
April 14 at 11:43pm

Beddy Teran: Last night my mother and I were sitting in the living room talking about many things in life...Among others...we were talking about the idea of living or dying. I said: mother, never let me live in a vegetative state, depending on machinery and liquids from a bottle and all types of artifacts to maintain me alive, I'd prefer to die!!! Then my mother got up with admiration on her face! And she unplugged the television, the DVD, the computer, the cell phone, the iPod, the Xbox, and she threw out the cigarettes, the bottles of Singani, and all the beer!!! Damn !!!!     I almost died !!!!
March 30 at 7:46pm

saikotica: @mssmaca I drank a lot of Singani, it's the most delicious in the world!!!!
March 2 at 10:27pm

daratheexploraa: never drinking singani again shit made me crazy
November 28 at 12:13am

g69mc: Nothing more american than having singani on thanksgiving day ;)
November 24 at 6:12pm

joup1: I want a frappé of passion fruit with singani!!!!!
November 12 at 2:32pm

eduardo_paz:  We need to diversify the economy, tomorrow I drink Singani                       October 21 at 12:10am

faboa_: According to my grandmother the best thing I can do before defending my thesis is to drink a few glasses of singani...will that turn out OK? hahaha
October 1 at 9:03pm

celina_aguilar: my dad just poured some singani in my tea. #gottaloveforeigncountries
August 23 at 12:31am

alexisarguello: Snif, there is not a drop of singani left in my house :(
March 20 3:19pm

alexisarguello: Those beautiful lips, something tells me they taste of singani
March 20 at 3:18pm