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Pot stills

Many people when talking about their spirits products talk about how they are made in "pot" stills using traditional methods.  A pot still is basically any roundish device which can be heated to distill liquor.  It is different from a column still, a method developed in the 19th century.

The word "pot" is humorous, we always think of "pot belly", "gone to pot", "pot luck", "a chicken in every pot" and other similar expressions.

The word "pot" is also often associated with bad traditional methods, like moonshine. Some traditional manufacturers use clay pots which are impossible to clean, so we don't see pot as a likeable word.

Singani is made in Charentais and similar stills, which is modern equipment although these are still technically "pot" stills.  Rather than say "pot", we tend to refer to the stills by their actual names.